Antenna Level Meter AL-450D

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Antenna level meter AL series was introduced on 19XX when NHK launched their first broadcasting satellite and sold over 200,000 units as "Satellite Finder" of Japan.
Powered by an extremely low noise amp combined with new sharp sensitive signal detection system and ergonomic design analog meter, AL450-D is our vaunted product which has been long popular among professionals.

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Product Overview

* It precisely catches the direction and elevation of dish antenna.

Sensitive movement of analog meter precisely reads the direction of antenna in 0.5 degree increments. It works for digital satellite signals and analog satellite signals.

* Lightweight, compact, battery operated

Only 450g compact body is suitable for hand carry use. ★大きなアナログメーターは現場向きの感覚。Operate with four C size batteries and also activate LNB.

* Battery/LNB power driven

AL-450D can operate with internal batteries as well as LNB power of satellite tuners. In case of running out of battery, it can be activated by LNB power source.

* Encompasses following particular specifications:

1) Automatically choose vertical/horizontal (11.5V/15V) when selecting satellites.
2) Automatically superimposes LNB selective signal 22KHz pulse according to the satellite.
3) Maker preset satellite frequencies of 20 channels available as default.
4) You can configure up to 12 channels user defined satellite frequencies.


1. Receiveable frequencies

  950MHz  ~  2150MHz

2. Input Connector

  F Connector
3. Input Impedance

  75 Ω

4. Input Level   -65dBmW ~ -15dBmW
5. Satellite Selecting System   PLL Electronic Tuning
6. Power   Four C size alkaline batteries
7. Battery Life   20 times when used for 5 minutes at a time.
8. Operation Temp.   0℃~50℃
9. Storage Temp.   -20℃~+70℃
10. Operation Humidity   85%以下
11. Storage Humidity   95%以下
12. Size   H164mm x W103mm x D62/47mm
13. Default satellite channels   20 channels
14. User defined channels   12チャンネル