ANCS (Active Noise Cut System)

ANCS (Active Noise Cut System)

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ANCS is a total solution system for ingress noise of upstream CATV lines.
It provides efficient solution for noises caused by Internet upstream line or IP phones due to the reset digital CATV.
By placing NCB (Noise Cut Box) near the origin of ingress noise, it monitors the noise of upstream line 24-7 and reports the monitored data to the central system while performing auto-circuit control.
NCB can be installed next to the protective device at the entrance of housing complexes or apartments to communicate with central monitoring system.
It can contribute to the diffusion of IP phone when installed at 3000 ~ 5000 apartment complexes within the CATV network, or it can be used as a solution to particular apartment complexes with noise problems. In some cases, it can be installed in all the apartment complexes within a specific area.

For details about this product, please access KYOEI Systems. (Japanese)

For specs of "Frequency-free DOCSIS NCB System", read HERE.

Product Overview

ANCS is designed to detect and measure the noise occurring near the origin of ingress noise and quickly contain the influence of such noise to a minimum level.
It also provide the signal quality management of CATV lines as well as data and guidelines to improve upstream lines.

* Noise Measurement

NCB (Noise Control Box) terminal measures the noise (33dBuV~75dBuV) occuring in upstream lines. The error margine is as low as ±3dBu.

* Auto Terminal Control

Automatically and accurately conotrols the upstream lines according to the measured noise and the specified control table.

 1) PASS

PASS the upstream signals regardless of the noise.

 2) ATT

Insert an attenuator 1dB~25dB (stepless) according to the measured noise and the specified table.
It improves the line's CN value dramatically by raising the level of oscillator's signals with modem remote sensing.

 3) CUT

Insert an attenuator above 45dB to CUT the upstream line and block the influence of ingress noise when the noise reaches a specified level.

 4) Show the gradual
      noise level

Central control PC shows green (good), yellow (attention), red (danger) inditcators according to the noise leve.

* Central control box NCB sends the self conditions and measuring data to the Central Box (CB) and control PC through FSK connection. All the NCB control and data stroage/analysis are done by the control PC through the Control Box. Each NCB can be managed by the Central Box.
* The max number of NCB 3000 units of NCB (with ID numbers) can be collectively controlled.

Product Overview

1. Noise Cut Box NCB-01

1) Noise Measurement Frequency

  20MHz ~ 53MHz

2) Noise Measurement Range

  33dBuV ~ 75dBuV
3) Noise Measurement Method

  Analog Peak Hold Method

4) Noise Measurement Accuracy

  Within ±3dBuV

5) Downstream Line Segment   Less than 60MHz / Insertion Loss less than 3dB
6) Upstream Line Segment   Less than 60NHz / Insertion Loss less than±1dB
7) Auto Control Segment   PASS: less than ±1dB

  ATT: auto variable attenuator 1-25dB
    CUT: 45dB or above
8) ID    Allocated 0000 - 9999 decimal numbers at factory
9) Noise Level Recording frequency and time   

 Record 2 decimal noise valie every 10 minutes and sends to Central Box as boaring.

10) Auto Mode    Auto controlled by "attenuator table" (can be configured from CB)

11) Manual Mode

  Can be configured as PASS/ATT/CUT (eigher two) from PC
12) LED Display  
13) FSK Data Transfer*   Upstream (transmitting) any frequency between 30MHz~50MHz
14) FSK Data Transfer*   Downstream (receiving) any frequency between 70MHz~770MHz
15) Exclusive FSK Data Transfer Frequency Range   App. within 700KHz
16) Power   Adapter IN=AC100V, OUT=DC12V800mA
    NCB Power   DC12V App. 400mA
16) Size and weight   W 39mm x D154(184mm including mounting hook) x H69mm  App. 350g

2. Central Box CB-01

1) FSK Data Transfer *

  Upstream (Receiving) Any Frequency between 30MHz~50MHz

2) FSK Data Transfer*

  Downstream (Transmitting) Any Frequency between 70MHz~770MHz
3) PC Connection   RS232C
4) Power   AC100V  App. 50VA
5) Size and Weight   W 136mm x D 258mm x H 57mm (including rubber feet) App.950g

NOTE: " * " marked frequency can be selected by users.