Battery operated mobile signal level meter DSA200

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Level meter DSA200 is designed to measure the strength and quality of roof antenna's signal strength while adjusting the direction or positions of antennas. 
It's also suitable for measuring raw signals of leading wires and TV receivers on sight.
It measures the signal strength, CN value, MER value, BER value of all the public broadcast channels receibable in Japan as well as terrestrial/digital satellite BS, 100° CS. The results can be saved in onboard memory.

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Product Overview

DSA200 is a battery-operated mobile level meter suitable for on-site signal measurement. This easy-to-use device has built-in memory, LNB power source for satellite antennas, LNB switching signal 42KHz, booster power for terrestrial antennas. DSA200 comes with a soft carry case attachable to poles while measuring.

1. Supported TV Signals

1) Digital Terrestrial

  UHF13 – UHF62 OFDM signal
  450MHz – 770MHz

2) Digital Satellite

  Digital, 110 degree CS
  950MHz – 2150MHz
3) Analog Terrestrial

  VHF1-12, UHF13-62, C13-63
  90MHz – 770MHz 

2. Supported Data Type

1) Signal Strength

  40dBuV ~ 100dBuV

2) CN Value

  8dB ~ 32dB
3) MER Value

  8dB ~ 32dB

4) BER Value (Pre)

  2E-2 ~ 1E-8, 0E-0

    Ber value (Post)

  2E-2 ~ 1E-8, 0E-0

3. Auto operation (particular specification)

1) LNB Power

  Auto switchable to 11.5V/14.5V while selecting satellites.

2) Twin LNB

  When 42KHz superimpose is needed, it is selected automatically when choosing satellites.
3) LNB Channel Selection

  Automatically picks up 10.678 GHz or 12.2 GHz for Digital BS, JCSAT-3, JCSAT-4 antenna's sectional oscillation when selecting satellites.

4) Auto-scan channels

  Automatically measures channel settings and saves in internal memory. 

4. Display


  28 bit x 64 bit
  Black & White graphic LCD with back light

Screen Size

  W 55mm * H 28mm

5. Signal Input

F Connector

  Impedance 75Ω
  Swappable J-J connector used as terminal

6. Standard Channels

1) Digital Terrestrial

  Frequency 10 channels according to the location (5 pages available for setting)

2) Digital Satellite

  Choose from four satellites including BS Digital, 

  100 degree CS, JCSAT-3, and JCSAT4

7. Determining the signal quality

  DSA200 is configured with standard signal levels. When the measured signal reaches this level, you will see a "SMILE" on LCD display. Set up the antenna according to the result.

8. Bar chart for signal strength

  When determining which direction has the strongest signal to set up antennas, analog display might work better. This bar chart shows the signal strength of antennas.

9. USB interface

  USB interface is for PC connection. You can send and save the measuring results in PCs while download configurations from the internet and save it in DSA200 through the USB interface. In order to send the configuration to DSA200, you need to download and install  a software provided by us.


1)Size / Weight

  86mm x 163mm x 43mm App. 350g (without batteries)


  Four AA rechargeable batteries (Sanyo Eneloop 1900mAH) 
 (Alkaline batteries also can be used; however we do not recommend due to the high power consumption.)