Battery operated mobile signal level meter DSA500

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DSA500 is a compact, enhanced digita signal analyzer for CATV constructions.
We have accomplished a long-awaited affordable digital analyzer with OFDM/QAM level and BER/MER value measuring capability.
For the convenience of in-house CATV construction, DSA500 achieved extra light weight (only 400g) and easy-to-use, simple functions. It reacts quickly and provides stress-free on-site operation.

For details about this product, please access KYOEI Systems. (Japanese)
Download useful manuals and applications regarding this product from HERE

Product Overview

DSA500 is designed to measure and analyze all downstream video signals. CATV downstream signals includes: OFDM terrestrial broadcasting signals, 64/256 QAM modulated signals, analog UHF/VHF broadcasting signals 70MHz ~ 800MHz. It measures signal strength, CN value, MER value, BER value of above signals instantly.

Channels and frequencies/modulations can be configured according to the customres' needs as well as downloaded from the Internet service.
The measurement results can be transferred to PCs so you can analyze according to your needs.

DSA500 operates with compact, light-weight batteries (sold separately) and comes with soft carrying case.

When attaching an upstream signal module DSA-ULC (sold separately), DSA500 can measure signal strength of 10~50 MHz signals.

1. Analog Signal Measurement

1) Frequency Range


2) Modulation Method 


3) Measurement Range

  40 – 100dBuV

4) Measurement Accuracy


5) Turbulent due to temprature


2. QAM Signal Measurement

1) Frequency Range

  90 – 770MHz

2) Power Measurement Range

  43 – 100dBuV
3) Power Measurement Accuracy


4) Modulation Method

  64 or 256 QAM  (DVS-031, ITU-TJ83 Annex B/C DOCSIS)

5) Band Width


6) QAM Lock Range   

  47 – 100dBuV

7) MER Measurement Range   15.0 – 36.0dB
8) MER Analyzer   0.7dB
9) MER Measurement Accuracy   ±2.0dB

10) BER Measurement Range

  2e-2 ~ 1e-8, 0e-0 (Not detected)

3. OFDM Digital Signal Measurement

1) Fraquancy Range

  90 – 770MHz

2) Power Measurement Range

  40 – 100 dBuV
3) Power Measurement Accuracy


4) Modulation Method


5) OFDM Lock Range   47 – 100dBuV
6) MER Measurement Range   15.0 – 36.0dB
7) MER Analyser   0.1dB
8) MER Measurement Accuracy   ±2.0dB
9) BER Measurement Range   2e-2 ~ 1e-8, 0e-0 (Not detected)
10) Measurement Layers   Select from A,B,C

11) Carrier Modulation Method


4. Interface

RF Input


USC Serial Port

  For PC connection

5. Memory

Channel Allocation Memory

  Saves 5 sets of channel plans


  124 channels can be configured in each set
3)   10 channels can be configured for miniscan measurement
4)   Memory for measuring data
  100 data can be saved in each channel allocation memories

6. Power

1) Recommended Battery

  General nickel hydride batteries (four AA batteris) (sold separately)
  (SANYO Eneloop recommended)

2) Operating Time

  140 minutes continuously (avarage)
3) Power Saving Feature   Automatically power off when remaining battery level becomes low

7. Specification

1) Size

  H165.0mm x W87.0mm x D44.0mm

2) Weight   340g (exclusing batteris) 430g (with batteries)

3) Operation Temperature

  0℃ ~ 50℃ Humidity under 85%
4) Storeage Temperature   -20℃ ~ 70℃  Humidity under 95%