RF Checker

*End of Sales. This product is no longer available.

Battery operated mobile signal level meter RF Checker

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RF Checker is designed to measuer the srentgh, CN value and BER value of the video signals included in NTT FLET'S / TV home-use FTTH optical fiber.
The device was co-developed by us and NTT to cover all the FLET'S and TV signals, so it is suitable for antenna's lead-in construction and after-sales care for FLET'S / TV services.

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Product Overview

RF Checker Level Meter covers all the video signals broadcasted by NTT through FLET'S / TV services.
It was co-eveloped by us and NTT Japan for the measuring of FLET'S / TV signals.
The compact, battery-operated portable device comes with a light weight soft carrying case.

1. Supported TV Signals

1) Digital Terrestrial

  UHF13 – UHF62 OFDM Signal
  450MHz – 770MHz

2) BS Digital Satellite

  BS Digital
3)110 Degree CS

  110 Degree CS Digital Channels

2. Supported Data Measurement

1) Signal Strength

  40dBuV ~ 100dBuV

2) CN Value

  8dB ~ 32dB
3) MER Value

  8dB ~ 32dB

4) BER Value (pre)

  2E-2 ~ 1E-8, 0E-0

    BER Value (post)

  2E-2 ~ 1E-8, 0E-0

3. Display


  28 bit x 64 bit
  B & W Graphic LCD with Backlight

Size of screen

  W 55mm x H 28mm

4. Signal Input Terminal

F Connector

  Impedance 75Ω
  Swappable J-J connector

5. Supprted Amout of Memory Storage

Amout of Data

  100 items

6. USB Interface

  When connected to PC, user can save measured data and download configuration data through USB interface. Dedicated sofware is needed for such operation.

7. Specification

1) Size and Weight

  86mm x 163mm x 43mm App.350g (without batteries)

2) Power

  Four AA rechargeable batteries (Sanyo Eneloop 1900mAH)
  (Although AA alkaline batteries can also be used, due to high power consumption, rechargeable batteries are recommended.