RF Checker 2

NTT FLET'S / TV RF Signal Quality Measurement Meter
RF Checker 2

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In commission with NTT EAST, we have developed RF Checker 2 to serve all the channels of FLET's/TV lines. The device is designed to measure all the signal strength and quality of NTT EAST's FLET'S/TV channels.
It is a light-weigted, portable device with very competitive price. It can be operated by rechargeable battery (included) or commercially available AC 100V batteries.
The data has been tested at newly installed FLET'S/TV line by NTT EAST.
*It is the only device to measure SkyPerfect TV (*) HD signals as standard. (May 2012)

* SkyPerfectTV! is the trademark of JSAT Corporation.

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Product Overview

1. Supported broadcasting and measurement data

Channel Type 

 Level BER  CNR 
FM Radio 70 ~ 90MHz  ✓  ー ー 
Digital/Analog convertable〈Analog〉   90 ~ 770MHz  ✓  ー ー 
Digital Terrestrial〈OFDM〉    470 ~ 770MHz


 ✓  ✓
SkyPerfecTV! SD〈64QAM〉  

 90 ~ 770MHz

 ✓  ✓
SkyPerfecTV! HD〈Extended 256QAM〉 90 ~ 770MHz
BS Digital     1032 ~ 1489MHz
110°CS   1593 ~ 2073MHz

2. Supported Range

1) Signal Strength

  40dBuV ~ 100dBuV (34 ~ 100dBuV for digital terrestrial)

2) CN Value 

  8dB ~ 33dB
3) BER Value (pre) 

  0E-0 ~ 1E-8

4) BER Value (post) 

  0E-0 ~ 1E-8

3. Signal Quality Check

 Shows OK/NG for signal strength/CN/BER of input signal according to the threshold.


Upper limite / Lower limit

Lower limit
CNR: Lower limit

(Threshold is user defined)

4. Display


  240 x 350 dot

  3.5 inch color LCD

Display Contents:

  Japanese, Broadcasting statino name
Screen Size:   W 70mm * H 55mm   

5. Operation Buttons


 Power (ON/OFF)

Lower Keys: Digital Terrestrial, BS, CS, Others (Single Channel Measurement mode for each broadcasting station)  
Upper Keys: Setup, Save, Monitor, Multi-Channel Measurement

6. Various Measurement Method


  Single Channel Measurement (Measuring single channel)

2   Multi-Channel Measurement (Auto-continuous measurement of pre-registered channel setting)
3   Long-term monitoring measurement (Measure any single channel for specific duration)

7. USB Interface

  Mini USB port x 1

1) Transfer measured data from RF Checker 2 to PC
2) Transfer configuration from PC to RF Checker 2
3) Updating firmware

8. Power

 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery or commercially available AC100V battery.

9. Form Factor

 165 (W) x 122 (H) x 51 (D) mm, App. 700g (including battery)

* Specifications is subject to change without notice.