CATV Related Products


CATV Digital Signal Analyzer

DSA500 is designed to measure and analayze all downstream video signals. CATV downstream signals includes: OFDM terrestrial broadcasting signals, 64/256 QAM modulated signals, analog UHF/VHF broadcasting signals 70MHz ~ 800MHz. It measures signal strength, CN value, MER value, BER value of above signals instantly.

DSA500 Module

Module for measurement of CATV
upstream signals (used with DSA500)

When DSA 500 module is attached to DSA 500 and DSA 600, you can measure upstream signals (dBuV) with 10 ~ 60 MHz power level.


CATV Active Noise Cut
System (base unit and extension unit)

Active Noise Cut System (ANCS) is designed to solve the problems with ingress noise within apartment buildings or condominiums. It's a newly developed auto bridge gate system with a level checker to detect ingress noise within buildings.



ANCS is a breakthrough system which measures the noise and controls ingress noise from downstream, however, it had to be fixed into three frequencies.
Now we have an even more powerful system to solve this exisiting problem! Our new DOCSIS format ANCS terminal is frequency-free.