NEW PRODUCTS for Cable Tech Show 2012!!

Launch of New Products for Cable Tech Show 2012

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DOCSIS Noise Cut Box
Complete solution for frequency problems of legacy ANCS!
Legacy NCB had a problem that user had to setup two communication frequencies (FSK upstream frequencies and FSK downstream frequencies) and noise measurement frequency by their own. Now with the new DOCSIS NCB, users can change any of these three frequencies!
*Built-in modem decides the communication frequencies automatically.
*Noise frequency can be adjusted between 25MHz and 55MHz. Also supports remote adjustment.

❏ Cable Break Finder
*Wirelessly finds hard-to-detect cable break points.
*Wirelessly detects cable breaks within the range of 0 ~ 10m.
*27MHz "Citizen Band" does not require the license.
*Easily noticeable 2 wave signals.

Attenuator Box
Just by placing at the head end, the attenuator box evens out the level of each upstream nodes. Thus it can be used to adjust the level of each signals.
*Supports frequencies between DC〜2000MHz.
*Variable range of the attanuator is 32dB (0〜31dB, incremented by 1dB).
*Isolation of the adjacent channels is over 100dB.
*Compact 1U (H 44mm), built-in 12CH attenuators.
*One PC can control up to 100 attenuator boxes.
*Total of 1200 CH attenuators can be controlled.
*Communication through cascade connection, RS232C with PC.

❏ CATV Channel Blocker
*By inserting into cable TV line, Channel Blocker can prevents any single/multiple channels from receiving.
*Users need to setup the lower cut-off frequency and the upper cut-off frequency of the blocked channels.
*The adjacent channels don't get effected by the blocked channels.