RF Checker 2 PC mode

By connecting the RF Checker 2 to PC, the following functions will be available.

  • Update firmware by connecting to PC

Overview of PC mode

You will see the following dialog box when launching the application. Clicking each button leads you to corresponding section.

Channel Setting

Clicking [Channel Setting] of Man Menu shows the following windows.

You can setup 6 items including "FM Radio", "Digital/Analog switching", "Digital Terrestrial", "SkyPerfecTV! HD", "BS", "110CS" here.

While transfering the channel settings, all the buttons are disabled. Transfer takes some time. After transfer is finished, "Transfer Completed" message is shown. Press [OK] to return to the previous stage.

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Multi-channel Measurement Plan Setting

In multi-channel measurement plan setting, you can set up to 16 plans of channels. One plan can include 120 channels. Clicking [Multi-Channel Measurement Plan] in the Main Menu displays the following windows.

Broadcasting Station Setting

Here you can set physical channel and station names of "FM Radio Measurement","Digital/Analog Switch Measurement", "Digital Terrestrial Measurement", BS Measurement", "110 CS Measurement".

Measurement Threshold Setting

User can set three shreshold (Threshold 1~3). Clicking [Measurement Threshold Setting] in the Main Menu shows the following windows.

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Exporting Data to PC

You can export the data measured in RF Checker 2 to your PC.

Exporting long-term monitoring data to PC

You can export long-term monitoring data saved in RF Checker to your PC.

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Date / Baud Rate Setting

You can transfer date/time setting of PC to your RF checker 2.
Clicking [Date/Baud Rate Setting] in the Main Manu shows the following windows.

You can update device firmware by connecting your RF Checker 2 to your PC.
Clicking [Firmware Update] in the Main Menu shows the following windows. Select update file here and start updating.

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